Choreography Hooman Sharifi

Set / Light / Photography Jens Sethzman

Additional Photography Erik Berg

Notes on the space for Shadows Remain Silent

The main concept behind the visual idea is the painting of codes, music, and reading. The coded painting is a drifting light filtered through a black mesh. There are one horizontal layer and one vertical layer. The horizontal consists of the static light at one side and moving reflectors/coded absorbers on the other. These are manually handled as turning pages by the performers as if they are reading one side and reflect on the other in dialogue with vertical lights in a horizontal direction.

The vertical layer behind the black mesh pointing in our direction is a playful light that rhymes with the idea that the rhythm is created of visual layers of old punch cards that combine into language. A language you might think you've seen and believes that you recognize but still impossible to read. It could be the lost narrative of the tribe that stamps through the message like code that can't be deciphered but manifests into visual language

Jens Sethzman